Why to blog?

I was wondering why to have a blog and publish often. Several reasons come to mind. They are the following in no particular order:

  1. Because I can.
  2. Like college education for must of us, the key achievement obtained is the process itself and not the finished “product”. To publish an entry you have to choose a subject – sometimes taken from your day-to-day live – and systematically organize your thoughts about it. Then, you present them to the world in your blog. The aforementioned tasks necessarily imply an introspective and sort of dialectic process that lets you unveil the true nature of your reality in the moment you think about it. Stupid, isn’t it? Sure. But it is the intellectual equivalent of taking pictures. You capture a particular moment in time and keep it for others to see and for your own future reference.
  3. When you try to justify wasting your time blogging, you remember your high-school philosophy classes. You finally realize the reason why you studied Hegel and his “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” crap. Was it worth it? Well, you know, I enjoyed the process and my teacher was pretty hot back then.
  4. I like playing with computers. I’d rather spent my time in front of a computer than in front of a human being. Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve learnt how to take pictures with a digital camera and how to retouch those pictures in a computer. I’ve remembered how to use vi – an ancient UNIX text editor – to “retouch” the HTML code that my web-based blogging tool generates. What’s not to like?
  5. Finally, you can have a beer or two while blogging. Cheers!

No beers were harmed while writing this entry!



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