24 days without blogging…

It´s been a while since my last post. Work has been essentially idle, still waiting for some rig-moves to come. My hobbies front has been very busy notwithstanding. Main subjects were/are:

  • Virtualization software: I´ve been playing a lot with virtual machines technology. This technology essentially allows you to run an operating system (OS) inside another OS. IE, in the machine I´m posting this from, you can run Ubuntu Linux inside Windows XP or Windows XP/2000/Me inside Ubuntu Linux. It´s very exciting to have the ability to do that and somehow shows us the pluses and minuses of each operating system. I´m sure I´ll post extensively on this subject very soon.
  • Guitars: I´ve owned and played four different guitars throughout my life. In chronological order they were:
    • Vicente Tatay and sons classical guitar. Simply a luthier´s masterpiece made in Spain. This one was my first guitar. My father bought it at “Almacenes IPSFA” in Caracas, back in 1980. He paid 699 VEB back then, the equivalent of 162 USD. It was a lot of money back then and he paid it without a single complaint. Love you dad! It was a flawed buy though as it was not suited for beginners and/or young students with small hands. I used this guitar at “Pedro Nolasco Colón” school of music while studying “Guitarra Popular” and “Guitarra Clásica” courses during my second and third musical studies year. During those two tortuous years, my guitar teacher was an excellent musician that had absolutely no clue about how to teach guitar or anything else. The freaking teacher made me hate scales and chores, harmony and melody. I sold Tatay´s masterpiece when I was a poor college student trying to get money to visit his girlfriend in Maracaibo. The lucky buyer paid me 7.000,00 VEB around 1991. Although I miss my first guitar a lot, I finally married Cris.
    • Fender Stratocaster. My first electric guitar bought in 1990, just after Cris dumped me. She didn´t stand being engaged to a weird mathematician guy living 450 miles away from her, just after loosing her father and turning from a stupid “sifrina” into a full grown-up woman in a week. I don´t really blame her for that, although… … … never mind. Anyway, I played a lot of blues out of this red Fender beauty. “Since I´ve been loving you” from “Led Zeppelin” is still my favorite blues song. I sold my stratocaster while being an still broken college student married to Cris with a hungry firstborn son: Nestor Adelso.
    • Squier Strat by Fender. Around 1999-2000. Back then, I had a good consolidated economical position and got me this piece of crap. It had 3 single-coil pickups with a 5 positions selector that sounded very badly in every single position. The tremolo bar was useless. Every time I used the tremolo bar I had to tune this guitar up. I hated this guitar since the first riffs. I sold it a little after buying it for whatever money they gave me and never turned back.
    • Washburn D10. “Mi negrita” acoustical guitar. Cheap POS that kept me having a guitar. The only fault I can find is that the low E string sounds dead with very little resonance when strummed.

Now what? In Maracaibo, Electric guitars tend to be very expensive. I´ve toyed with the idea of getting a Yamaha Pacifica that has a very thin and fast neck to play on. That will help me teach my older son how to play some pretty amazing and fast Iron Maiden’s riffs. Ummhhh! Let´s do something: After those two 3000 HP rig-moves, I will go to the US and get me a Pacifica e-guitar, a laptop (macbook someone?) and finally, after 5 years, a real one week vacation.



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