Mis resultados en el test “What kind of geek are you?”

3 respuestas B, 3 respuestas C y 2 respuestas A. Las respuestas D y E empatadas con un punto cada una. En resumen, puedo clasificarme primordialmente en las dos siguientes categorías:

Mostly B: Iconoclast Geek
Like Iconoclast Geek Linus Torvalds, you don’t kowtow to sacred cows. Although you are amiable, you stubbornly refuse to yield to the status quo. Even your fashion sense reflects your march to a different drummer. Because you are not bound by the conventions that hobble lesser minds, you are likely to envision — and realize — things that others could scarcely dream of. Combine that spark of genius with your ability to delegate power, and you’ve got a winning combination. One danger: the Iconoclast Geek may end up becoming an icon!

Mostly C: Alpha Geek
Like Alpha Geek Vint Cerf, you have all the qualities of a successful leader. When you find yourself out of your depth, you never try to fake it — instead you put your nose to the grindstone, get the training you need and add another element to your skill set. Once you focus on a task, everyone else can relax because they know from experience that you’ll see it through to the end. Your ability to assimilate data from a variety of sources and your excellent written and verbal communication skills makes you the alpha dog wherever you go. Even your traditional fashion makes sets you apart from the rest of the pack and inspires others to follow.

Si necesita una traducción al castellano de los dos parrafos anteriores, por favor lea mi entrada anterior titulada ¿Que tipo de “geek” eres?



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